S21 Issues since last two updates

Model SM-G991U1
software currently BUKF version.

The software update prior to BUKF gave me an error when Wiping the Cache Partition, which I do after every software update, and the error persists in BUKF. I don’t recall the exact error message, but it has something to do with a wrong "slot". I wonder if it isn’t related to the addition of the eSim? This happened on my phone using Visible(Verizon) and my wife’s phone using ATT.

This other one probably started with the prior update too. There are a few things wrong with the Samsung Contacts App. One, the alphabet is missing from the right hand column when scrolling through the entries. And two, the phonebook no longer loads when I bluetooth connect to my 2013 Nissan Titan. The handsfree part of the phone works, but the phonebook is empty. To head off the questions, I’ve dropped and added the bluetooth connections several times – no change. Also, I bluetooth connect to my Garmin RV 760 and the phone book loads there?

Did anyone else notice these things?

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