S21 Ultra Accessories especially case with slot for stylus

Hi I’m waiting for my S21 Ultra to arrive and trying to get a little ahead of the game by getting the usual "stuff" that comes with getting a new phone. My last phone was an S7 Edge. Can I still use the same chargers (wall charger, car charger etc? I have the adapter to be able to plug the S21 in. Should I go with newer chargers? Do they perform that much better to warrant a purchase?

I’m also looking for advice on a good option for a screen protector that offers good protection but doesn’t make me have to push buttons really hard or block fingerprint identification.

The case is a big consideration for me. I will be buying an S Pen stylus so I’d love it to have a slot to hold the stylus, manufacturer’s names would be helpful.

Thanks in advance for your help/advice.

Sunny ☀️😎

Any advice on a good site(s) for buying accessories at a decent price would also be great.

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