S21+, Ultra – Battery, heat, screen?

I’ve got a Note 8 that has been giving me trouble, and we’re beyond our usual time between upgrades. At this point, I can’t even use my phone in the sun (even winter sun), in minutes, it overheats and shuts down – no warnings, nothing on reboot (other than the occasional "Moisture detected…" when I try to plug it in), and it often takes some time to get it to the point where it doesn’t crash immediately on start up after this has happened.

It also happens away from the sun, same type of quick heat (always seems to be in the area of the screen and on back close to the Bixby button) and down it goes. Seems MAYBE this happens more so where page is regenerating images – playing games, scrolling quickly through twitter, etc. Never a warning of the phone getting hot, but obviously hot to the touch.

Tried booting in safe mode, went back out in the (evening sun, not even full) sun and it still overheated and shut down. So it feels like hardware to me? Haven’t factory reset – I have been saying for a year that if I’m going to go through all the time setting a phone back up, it’s going to be a new one. Then COVID hit, not traveling, working from home, and here I am.

So, looking at the Ultra or S21+ but concerned about heat and battery life. Also, I’ve been REALLY happy with the screen on the Note 8 – I’m assuming that newer screens will be just as good, but notice specs are lower than the Note 8 screen specs. I’ll admit, I’ve obviously not been keeping up with the tech as much anymore (I mean, still using a Note 8!), so I realize the numbers may not be truly comparable.

I realize this not being able to use my phone in the sun is probably a fluke – but it’s been SO frustrating, I think I’ve got a little hesitancy on Samsung, but I don’t see anything else that strikes me. I’d appreciate hearing from those who’ve got 21s and how they feel about both heat and battery life, as well as how the screens look.


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