S21 Ultra issue— “Google Assistant”

Have not run across this issue on any of my previous Note’s including my current Note 9.
Picked up a S21 Ultra 4 days ago and everything works great except for one important issue with google assistant. I can use google assistant on the phone when screen is on, I can use it immediately when screen turns off and goes on lock screen (yes setting is set to use it on lock screen). Google assistant absolutely will not work if I leave the phone alone for a few minutes. Once again "Ok Google" will work 100% of the time when screen is on and if screen goes to lock and I wait 20 seconds it will work. The issue happens when it is on lock screen for a couple of minutes the "ok google" will not work.

As I said never ran across this issue, if my note 9 sits all night then I use the google assistant it will work no issues. The ATT store I bought it from said to call ATT warranty and they should send a replacement, they did not. They went through the phone remotely with "Samsung Tutor" to obviously check I had everything set up correctly. Couldnt find anything then told me to call google, I tried but too much automation then wanted to send me to a website to fill out forms. I returned the phone yesterday (dont want $1200 headache. I would like to try another but dont want same issue.

Anyone have the same problem ?


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