S21 Ultra photo transfer issue

On Aug 10th I purchased an S21 Ultra to replace my S10+. Purchased at Best Buy, the sales associate began the data transfer process which I completed at home. All went well, or so I thought.

I am an avid Instagram poster, frequently posting single photos, multiple photos, Reels, videos, etc. A favorite is to post multiple photos which are posted from the IG app. My photos/videos appear chronologically when I view them in the ‘Camera’ Album. However, when I attempt to post via the IG app now on the new S21, all of the photos and videos in my ‘Camera’ Album now appear scrambled. Nothing is chronological, everything is total chaos, and I’m tempted to throw this $1,100 phone against the wall.

Today I consulted with the sales associate at Best Buy, and with their Geek Squad associate who thought this was a file transfer issue with the S21. Has anyone else experienced this issue? I’m seriously thinking of returning the phone. Thank you.

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