S21+ Warm/Overheating?

Hi, so I just bought my S21+ 4 days ago and I noticed that my phone gets warm (33C-35C) when in normal use (browsing, watching youtube, instagram, etc).

Its not alarmingly hot, but it is pretty warm even indoor, especially on the upper part of the phone(I assume thats where the processor is mounted). Using CPU monitor, for the past few days the average temp is around 32-33C, but often times the CPU temp shot up to 40-43C randomly but not for a long time (I guess this is why the average temp says what it is).

Now, I understand physics, the temp wont go lower than the surrounding temp, and I live in a tropical country so that might play a part in it. But is that temp supposed to be normal for an S21+ because I upgraded from a Note9 and my Note9 was never that warm to the touch on just a normal use.

Battery is fine though (I think), last charge was 1 day 9 hour ago with 7 h 35 min screen time and I am at 30% now.

Should I be concerned? Should I ask for a replacement? Should I wait for a couple more days and let the phone settle first? I did set it up with a smartswitch, some people says that cause the high temp? If thats the case what should I do? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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