S7 cannot delete Viber and Whatsapp images.

None of the normal methods work.

I go into gallery, then pictures and delete the images but they don’t delete. There’s no message, the phone acts like it deleted them but they’re all still there.

I go into Albums in Gallery and try deleting the "Whatsapp Images" and "Viber Images" folders and the same thing happens. I removed both apps from my phone years ago and only recently discovered the images are still there.

Furthermore, I go to Microsoft OneDrive online (where my images are backed up) and delete the images from there, and they APPEAR to delete, but if I refresh they’re still there.

I try to browse me phone on a Windows system but can’t find the "Whatsapp Images" and "Viber Images" folders or the photos they contain.

I have been searching for a week and have not been able to find a solution, I’m about ready to do a factory reset but that’s a huge PITA.

Has anyone heard of anything like this before? Any advice?

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