Same filenames with different date and time whatsapp camera

Hello, I have a samsung galaxy s8 SM-G950W and I was sorting through many files and videos and I came across a video that I sent in a group. The video appears to be sent at night time because it was at a party at night time. The filename is VID-20191107-WA0030. Is there a way to tell if the video was taken using whatsapp’s camera or was it taken with the phone camera ? The reason is, since 2019 until 2021, I have mistakingly been reimporting my phones pictures and videos without paying attention that I was saving duplicates. The other problem is because of these duplicates, there are same videos with the same filename saved in different folders but with different date and timestamps. The third problem is that I was using various softwares to import these videos and pictures, when I was using windows 10/8.1 file explorer’s import pictures and videos, sometimes it would import the same file with the wrong date and time stamps which is leading me to this problem. Please help!!!

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