Samsung A50 boot loop problem and then charge loop problem. Can’t shut down or Enter Recovery Mode

I had this problem before in June as well but it got sorted out on its own back then. I did not face the any problems after that until today.
I was just casually playing my game and suddenly it freezed and the phone vibrated so I thought it will restart and work again but to my problem it did not.
I’m went to all steps that was mention in many articles and YouTube videos on how to get out of the loop problem but no success.
I tried downloading ODIN and tried to connect my phone to my PC but as soon as I connect the phone it vibrates I plug it in and the charging circle shows up and It is not found in ODIN. Maybe the USB De-Bugging maybe off on my phone not sure.
I tried the volume up and volume down trick with the charging cable thing and did reach a menu which had a Barcode in it. But, after I pressed the volume down and power button to exit the phone was back into the Samsung Logo Boot and did not advance at all and it is still stuck while I’m typing this. The phone has all my work related logins and other personal items which I don’t have the recent 2 months back up and I can’t lose any of it. Please help me. The warranty expired just this May.

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