Samsung factory screen protectors ?

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 & Note 20 Ultra
Is it possible to buy the Samsung factory screen protectors ?

Or anyone know of something close to identical by another company ?

I have typically never used screen protectors, just a minimalist case. I’m not rough on my phones and they remain pristine for years.

When I got my N10+ it had the Samsung factory screen protector right out of the box. I loved it, you barely notice it was on the phone. Being so thin when using your phone it gives you the feeling of not having a screen protector on while still offering enough protection for my needs.

I’ve read the 20Ultra only certain regions have the factory screen protectors applied to them. I was curious if you could buy the Samsung screen protectors or if someone knew of something identical. Here in the US I don’t think my 20 will have the Samsung protector on it like my 10+ did.


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