Samsung Galaxy A8 2019 tab – How to use SD card?

I have a pair of Samsung Galaxy A8 2019 tablets, for my kids to use for home schooling. When I purchased these devices they came bundled with 64GB SD cards, internal memory is 32GB. The cards have been inserted and formatted within the device since day 1. However, I see nothing using this storage. I am unable to move apps to this storage, files, photos, music, videos, etc. I see no way to offload and utilize this capacity.

What am I missing?

Is there a third party app that enables SD storage for app off loading?

Is there a way to set the SD card as the default storage for apps? photos? videos? music? etc.?

Truthfully, I am an Apple user and went with these devices because of the expandable memory. But if the memory isn’t able to be used, what’s the point? I need new cell phones, and was looking at Samsung, but given this little glitch, I’ll likely stick with iPhone.

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