Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 – Display problem with Green Line

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Hello everyone. I am new to Android Central but I specially joined it so that I can help the community in things you should consider before buying the Samsung Galaxy Fold – 2. I bought one about 2 weeks back and I treated my phone like a baby. The phone never slipped off from my hand even on a soft surface like Carpet or Bed. Made sure that I keep the phone away from dust/water too.

Suddenly after using the device for about 10 days, started noticing a thin 1-2 mm Green line in the upper part of my inside display. First I thought it to be app specific but then noticed that it was happening on the display and I filtered out that it was indeed a hardware/display issue.

I did some Googling and tried doing a Factory Reset based on some suggestions but that did not help. Ultimately I decided to return it back to Samsung. I always appreciate Samsung engineers and the innovation they do but just want to make sure that they know if this really is a display issue that they need to fix or could be a manufacturing defect.


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