Samsung Galaxy S21 won’t stop notifying on charge.

I have been a proud owner of Samsung Galaxy S1, S4 and S8.
So I recently bought a Samsung S21. I’ve been partly disapointed by a few features that disapeared from the previous models but that is not the point.
My major irritation comes from the fact that I can’t charge my S21 without being notified every 10 seconds or less.
By wire or wireless, in the car or at home (and I’ve tried many wires and chargers), it just won’t stop annoying the h3ll out of me.
I’ve deactivated the sound and vibration notifications and also the reminder setting. (Why did they even have to create those settings? Who wants to be notified every 10 seconds his phone is charging?)
I’ve tried many battery notification settings but it seems I still didn’t find the right one.
It didn’t change a thing.
I am now forced to turn of the sound and vibration of my S21 and basically leave it in "Do not disturb" mode all the time while charging.

I begin to think it’s a hardware issue and I’m gonna have to return my phone.

Is there another thing I can do before returning the phone?

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