Samsung is turning into trash…

They are pushing so much to be like that crappy rotten fruit company it is so sad. I am currently looking for a new phone. I have been out of the phone game for some time so when I heard about the Fold phone I was intrigued. I have been a Note user for some time now, well the same Note. I like everything about the Note, it’s squareish edges, the s-pen and overall functionality. I thought I would be Note user for the foreseeable future. In my searching around I found out Samsung has stopped the Note line to push the Fold line.

Ok, so I started to dig a little deeper into the Fold, $1800 device no charger, headphones and no s-pen, really? Samsung is not the rotten fruit people, it is why I have always had Samsung phones. I kind of understand the charger thing, if you bought a phone in the last 5 year or so you have at least one decent charger. The headphones leave me slightly sour, in the past I have either lost my set or caught the wire on something and the set got cut. I know these are my fault but it is nice to receive a new set when I get a new phone. Everything I saw or read talked about the s-pen and how well/great it works with the Fold yet it’s another $60+ purchase. That hurts a lot, even with the promo AT&T has with an up to $1000 trade-in, it still is too much for me to add on.

I remember in the past Samsung had some great promotions and there is nothing that I can find right now. I remember getting the Galaxy S8? and getting the Gear 360 camera for $50. Just so disappointing to me as Samsung wants to treat us customers like we are trash by following that other company and how they treat their customers.

If there was some kind of promotion or something for the Fold I would jump on it.

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