Samsung Knox used illegally

Samsung Knox has been activated on my phone without my consent. It has been made device administrator and with Knox mdm is being used to remotely access and monitor my phone, and enforce policies restricting my access to settings and apps.

I am not associated with any enterprise, business or platform and I own my phone. I do not have access to Knox dashboard or Knox at all, even though it is active on my phone. It was renamed "android system" in my apps and I only found it after searching through its notifications and that it threads its way through many of my apps. It enables wifi and Bluetooth sometimes right in front of me and has a 2nd set of wifi settings I can’t change.

Samsung was initially helpful, connecting me with knox support. It then disconnected and when I called back with my ticket number I was told there was not a separate knox support department….even though they had just connected me to them five minutes before.

I am not sure what I can do about this and need help. It was hard work just figuring out what was happening. Most of it is hidden from view, or I am bluntly locked out of it. It simply stayed put through several factory resets. Also almost all logs are disabled and bug reports and traces are missing information. It won’t allow me to send feedback reports either.

This is being done illegally and against samsung policy, they seem to be aware and won’t help at all. It is being done without my consent and is causing me harm.

Any advice is appreciated

Jason [Mod redacted personal info]
[Mod redacted email]

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