Samsung messages sending stuff on it’s own

I have been using Samsung Phones (S4, note 5, note 7, note 9 and now Note 20 Ultra) and Samsung tablets (note 8, Tab S3 and now Tab s7) for years. For the past several years I’ve used Pulse messages so my messages sync between my devices and I can text on my tablet. Last year I decided to check out some new features in Samsung messages and as soon as I made it my default messaging app it immediately sent out over 30 old messages containing photos. All the messages were re-sent to the original recipient but most of them were well over 6 months old. For the next 2 hours I had to field and respond to a bunch of confused contacts😅 I switched back to Pulse and no more problems. Since then I’ve bought a Note 20 Ultra and just recently bought a Tab S7. Since I wanted to use the "call and text from another device" feature I reluctantly switched back to Samsung messages. All was fine for a few days then all of a sudden my phone sent out over 20 old messages. Again I’ve had to disable Samsung messages and switch back to Pulse. There is quite a bit of info about this issue out there but no real solution that I’ve been able to find. Has anyone had this problem?

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