Samsung S10 will only charge on car charger

My mother has an S10 that will ONLY charge in her car. I went over and tried several cords and different charging packs and she is correct… EVEN if I use the same cord she uses in the car it doesn’t work.

once in a while the charging indicator will pop up but the percentage of charge doesn’t go up… but usually the indicator doesn’t pop up at all…

Booting it up in safe mode didn’t make a difference..

However, if I shut it off, plug it in while it is off, the indicator will pop up. (but not the charged percentage so I don’t know if it is actually charging) .. THEN if I start the phone WHILE it is plugged in it seems to charge normally. (we are charging it right now using this method, it may or may not continue to work)

If anyone has any other options please let me know…
I tried:
new cords,
new charging packs,
safe mode,
charging it while it is off,
updated it,

Next is a factory reset —but she is scared to do that cause her phone has so much stuff on it. Easy to back up the pictures and such but she has stuff for her job that punches her in and out etc. that was a pain to set up,,, (her words)

Thanks for any responses

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