Screen dead/blank

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 & Note 20 Ultra
I was using my N20U just fine tonight. I went to go look at it and nothing on the screen. What is odd is that Google assistant works (ie. I could call my wife) and I could log into my google account to "Find Phone" and it rang. My Fit2 could talk to it as well for "Find Phone". Plug into my laptop for Dex on Windows. It tried to initiate it but stopped.

I then held down power button plus volume up for a few seconds and I think it rebooted because my Fit2 no longer has connection to my device. But if I hold down power button, nothing. If I hold down power and volume down, I get a vibration but nothing on the screen. Volume up and power does nothing now.

Am I hooped? Hope that the power drains by the morning…which it probably won’t if it’s off.

EDIT: So my phone hasn’t actually logged out. Very odd. If I go into Samsung’s Find My Mobile website, it shows my phone is online and connected to my wife. I can ring it. I can track it. I see it has 36% battery left. Also odd is that I can connect somewhat to the phone through the Your Phone program in Windows and call someone through it but can’t text or load apps on Windows.



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