Screen flickering issue

I recently bought a used galaxy s7 and after a couple of days of using it the screen sorta started flickering slightly and progressively worsened to the point of only having 1/4 of the top of my screen work and the rest was totally black. If I was lucky enough to guess correctly through memory of where buttons were to enter my password I was able to get into my phone and then use Google Assistant to make phone calls so I knew the screen still worked even though it was black. One day I left it outside in the Sun for about an hour I picked up my phone to unlock it and the entire screen was working. It continued working for a day until it did the flickering thing again which would eventually turn most of my screen black. I figured that the screen could have possibly been replaced by the previous owner but it was done incorrectly and so I thought that the Heat from being in the sun was what could have temporarily text the black screen , so I can heat up my screen with the torch very carefully and my screen will continue to work for a very short amount of time before flickering and going black again. I am wondering if there is a connection issue I can fix or what other suggestions anyone might have?

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