Screen protector saves the day

This past Friday I was driving a bus for my son’s Jr high field trip. I had my Pixel 5 in my suction mount holder, never had a problem with this holder, in fact, it’s the second one I bought after the first died of old age . We had just come across the Illinois state line from Indiana, we’re transitioning from 80/94 to 294 north and we were approaching the first iPass toll plaza. I was in the second to left lane (of 4 lanes) and an ***** driver came flying up on my left, cut me off, and slammed on their brakes because they didn’t want to go through the iPass lanes (they obviously didn’t realize the toll booths are unmanned now and they have to pay online anyway)
So naturally I slammed on my brakes and everything went flying (mind you we were going the legal expressway speed) and my pixel 5 popped out my phone holder and hit the floor of the bus.
Later that evening my son said " Dad what happened to your screen?" My heart sank but I hoped and prayed it was just the protector. Got the new ones in today, took the old off, and sure enough my Px5 screen looks like I just took it out of the box.
I have to rep this brand because they are the easiest I have ever put on, and I’ve been putting screen protectors on for 22 years. Not only that but it did what it was supposed to do. Very happy with it.…cUvbUpU6946912

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