Screen Protectors. (opening a can of worms on this?)

First off, I am mainly looking for something for the OUTER screen.

I have seen some replacement ones for the inner screen and… thanks, but no.

The one people are going all out for is the $90 WhiteStone Dome Silk and after watching some vids on it, WHY would you remove the factory one and install one that does not even cover edge to edge?

Regardless, /rant-off…

Now, I have been looking for a Tempered Glass Outer Screen protector, but all I am seeing are film ones that come in a kit with the inner screen. If I have to buy both, that’s fine. However, does it REALLY need a screen protector? Regardless of the answer, I am still going to look for one for my own piece of mind.

Any good suggestions on Tempered Glass Outer Screen ones or are the film ones better and worth looking at again? I am just not sure about film ones as I hate that "rubbery" resistance they normally have.


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