Screen "restored"

So, my Pixel 3 is going on 3 years old (as is everybody’s still hanging around here [emoji38]). Recently in a fit of that "new phone itch" I often get, I grabbed an S21 Ultra. Returned it rather quickly as it wasn’t for me, but upon returning to my beloved Pixel 3 I couldn’t help but notice how "sticky" the screen felt and how many fingerprints and smudges it collected in comparison to the shiny new S21. I knew the oleophobic coating on my Pixel was shot due to age and use, so it got me wondering if it could be restored. So I hit Amazon and found this product (several other too, but I opted for this one):

Attachment 335382…cUvbUpU6961449

I just applied it; application was SUPER easy, and I am very impressed thus far! My screen feels practically new and fingerprints just disappear now! We’ll see how it holds up (I’ll provide updates if anyone is interested) but I wanted to share in case anyone else missed that new screen silkyness [emoji23] . I was skeptical of this product when I ordered it but I’m glad I pulled the trigger on it!

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