Screen Turning Off When Facing Down


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This problem was happening to a friend of mine since yesterday when we were able to find the root cause.
I’m not sure its the same for you, but you could give it a try!

He uses a "Game Tuner" application from Samsung, and when he selects a custom profile and open any game, the phone starts to behave like yours, even after he closes the game… the solution for now is to use a built-in profile like "High Performance" or "Power Saving".

Another thing that you could try is to force close the "Game Optimizing Service" application.
Go to Settings -> Application Manager -> Game Optimizing Service -> Force Stop.

I hope it helps!

Unfortunately, I am having this same issue, but I’m not using a game optimization service. I’m on Pixel 4A, and even though I upgraded last week, it only just started happening today (or maybe I only just noticed it happening today). Any advice?

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