SD card slot?

I got the 256 in black because I have packed up a lot of e-baggage over the years. Historically, I just move that to the new phone in a card. This has been the first phone I’ve had without a card slot.

Lack of that enormous amount of changeable storage has given me more ‘responsibility?, I guess, in deleting pix and videos, which take up most of our cards anyway.

Before now, I’d snap a pic of a bug. Now I’m like…I have all of those pictures of a bug on my Note SD card and I literally never needed to or went back to look at that picture of a bug. Why’d I even take that pic to begin with?
because I could.

And because I never had to worry about storage space.

Entering this new Flip, I didn’t bring one pic forward in the move. Nothing Smart switched except settings. Just a good clean phone setup like it was new.

Also, we Flippers integrate this phone into our lives much differently. It’s portable. It folds up and can store in our pocket and we literally forget about it. Whereas my Note 10+ slab is ever-present. Either by bobbling around in my pocket or having to take it out to sit down, I’m always aware I have an amazing cell phone on the ready to take that pic of a bug if the bug needs it’s picture taken.
So now, that we are somewhat detached from our cellphones, unless it’s a bug playing a banjo and tap dancing I’m not even aware that I need to record it’s digital presence in my life.
I’m yet to go back and search my Note for any bug pix.

Also, it’s a decent camera for sure. But the Flip has nowhere as good a camera as my Note. Therefore I’m not feeling Shutterfly-creative all the time with my Flip.

So, I’m wondering my fellow Flippers…
do you miss the card slot?
How are you working around not having unlimited storage?

My phone-photo life just got a lot more simple without unlimited storage for photos.

Reminds me of when the Polaroid cartridge would only have 10 pictures to shoot, flap around, anxiously wait, peel back with everyone looking over our shoulders and we would all be impressed and surprised.

And we kept that ONE picture of the bug and put it into an album.

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