Sensors stop working for not reason. Fine after reboot but then stop again.

I never had an issue with my Note 10+ until now.
The update before last caused this. They had an update about a week later that I thought was going to fix it, it didn’t.
The last update was maybe a few weeks ago, I can’t remember exactly.

The phone is fine after a reboot but after awhile, usually within a day, ALL the sensors stop responding.
Running the app "Sensors" just shows all of them waiting for input. The accelerometer, orientation, gyroscope, all of the main sensors just stop being recognized by the phone.

If i reboot it then they work again until the next time so it cannot be hardware related and how could they all stop at the same time.
I never had this issue until that update.

I just want to know if this is just me or not I suppose. I keep hoping for another update that will fix it. Rebooting it does fix it for awhile but it still should not do this.

I have an unlocked Note 10+ I got from Amazon. I use Mint for my service.
Current software is Android version 11

Any advice, I do NOT want to factory reset it or anything drastic, I should not have to. 🙂


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