Set Google Assistant to only search contacts?

I have zero use for Google Assistant, but I require voice dialing abilities for work and that is my only option. My problem is many of my contacts are businesses with specific phone numbers I use, but Assistant doesn’t always use them. It will sometimes try to do a web search and present me irrelevant options.

I remember this being a problem on an older phone, and I found an option for voice searches where I could limit where it searched. For example, I could turn off web searching, location based searching, calender searching, etc, and only do a search in my contacts.

I don’t know if that setting was device specific, but I’ve started having the issue again on my LG V60. I’ll say something like, "Call *city name* water treatment" for my contact listed as such, being a municipal water treatment plant. Instead, it’ll try to call the local Culligan dealer or whatever happens to be the top result of a generic Google web search. I’ve tried to find that setting again, but with no luck. Anyone know if it still exists, or where to find it?

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