Sh-ort – URL Shortener

Sh-ort is a how I reimagined a URL Shortener app using Material Design to build a branded experience, through UI and Motion.

There are several apps that take care of shortening urls, and they are great at what they do but they all have more or less the same design and are a little boring.
Also when you have many urls it is difficult to manage the statistics well and to have everything at hand, maybe a general overview of how your links are performing would be fantastic – I thought – and also give the user the possibility to render the entries in the list more recognizable thanks to the preview of the article, or of the page whose URL you have shortened.
Then I thought about who could use the app, to a tempt who perhaps manages several websites for work, and who might want to see how the links belonging to the same site perform.
I have created a small app that attempts to improve the experience with URL shortener, through its structure (overview, all links, best links), the ability to filter links based on the site they belong to, the date, or whether they are added to favorites or not.
The details department is still in its early stages but you can have the complete statistics on clicks already by default, without the need for a subscription as happens in major similar apps.

Of course there is still a lot to improve, so I trust in your feedback to find bugs and to add features that I missed in this first release.

There is a complete lack of translations in all languages and dark mode, which will be implemented once the app has reached a modest number of functions and use cases, making it an attractive app for the average and pro user.

Find more information on my app design and branding process in the Medium article linked below, as well as the link to download the app.

I look forward to hearing from you and your feedback, thanks for your attention.

About the design:…p-b7cb191524f7

App download:…t.mirko.sh_ort

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