Should I be worried???

I’ve had my pixel three for about 2.5-3 years (don’t remember exactly!), and I’ve been very happy with it. I’ve not felt the urge to upgrade to the latest and greatest at all.

That being said, my Pixel decided to bootloop last night. For hours. I keep trying to get back into the phone, but it would even reboot while in safe mode. Eventually, I managed to get it to stay in safe mode long enough to do a factory reset. When it then went into a factory reset loop for like an hour.

I pulled my sim card, and prepped my back up phone until I managed to power off the Pixel 3, leave it for a bit, and it finally got through to the initial set up for a factory reset.

I’ve read around that bootloops, even on the factor reset, are indicative of a bad motherboard. Since the reset, it’s been flying through tasks. Like a newly reset phone. It hasn’t looped at all, yet. Should I be concerned that it’s about to die for good? Or am I just really lucky?

Thank you smart people =)

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