Should i return my 13 pro max and wait for s22 ultra?

Got pro max 13 with the 800$ trade deal and coming from s9+. Did play around with it and hated the bottom screen not having buttons. The music thing is super annoying too. The phone is powerful enough to last years so not sure if I should cut my losses and return the phone for 50$ fee and wait for s22 ultra? Another reason I got the pro max was my gf uses iPhone and her friends too and it seemed easier for iphone group message stuff too(seems theres iphone message app easier to setup)
There’s also caveat that my s9 + might not be worth 800$ in trade in coming next year either also some people suggested buying a phone off ebay and trade in for credits…

I did see some threads here about s21 sales and overall reception has been low and am curious if s22 is not as hyped with the leaked data either?

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