Should I take this deal and Fold 2?

Samsung Galaxy Fold
Hello all,

Here’s my situation.

I’m in love with the Fold 2 and aware of some of it’s drawbacks one of which is the price however I’m thinking of my where I’m at in the lifecycle/timing of my phone purchase.

So I’m with Verizon, have two S9+’s and an Asus Zen V Live phone. All are paid off.

Sadly, my wife cracked her screen a month ago and don’t want her to "live" with the phone. Lastly, the S9+ speaker phones sound muffled and are unusable which is a known factory defect. So can’t use the speaker phones! UGH!

So I noticed a promo that Verizon was giving me…….

Verizon gave me a BOGO ($1,000) and a credit for my S9+ ($550) and I used $55 device dollars which I think is a great deal BUT, I’m thinking a year from now, when I want to get out of this deal to get the Fold 3, I will lose all my credits of the BOGO and the trade-in which really blows but then how else would I get it?

I’m also thinking do I wait for Black Friday/Cyber Monday for the best deals? However, I’m doubtful there going to beat this already strong offer from Verizon by any significance.

I can wait for new phones. I’m not desperate here but would like to get into the fold. What should I do here guys?


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