Signal is low on 4G….Bit better on 3G Why so low.

Samsung Galaxy S10 & S10+
I have had a s10 for a good 12 months and think it’s great, is there anyway to improve the signal bars as in 4G it on 1 bar and 3G i get 2 bars.
My main provider is virgin mobile on sim only contract but also have a vodafone sim in spare phone on my old s9.
Side by side the signal is around the same and this is in the house,outside 3G is always better than 4G,online checking the area to see if i should get a good signal it says very good on both providers…..s10 is my main phone on virgin and reads….4G….112dbn..28 asu
3G….95 dbn..25 asu.
This is in the house downstairs also where is the antenna on the s10 the bottom corner up from the speaker.
Any help would be great…..i have had to have wifi calling if i leave it on 4G.


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