Signal strength

Google Pixel 4a & Pixel 4a 5G
Upgraded my trusty OG Pixel to 4a. Mostly thrilled with improvements… except signal strength. I can confidently say that my Wifi strength and speed do not compare. Google support suggests factory reset but I’m not quite ready after all the tweaking I did to get it the way I like. I did do network reset, safe mode, etc. It’s not my Wifi; I can hold both phones together, change locations and neighborhood networks and the signal is consistently 10dbm or so worse on the 4a as well as speeds being slower. It really came to my attention when I realized I cannot get a 5Ghz connection in my garage where my OG has no problem streaming music all day long. It seems like my cellular speed is lacking, too, but I no longer have it on the old phone to compare. I can’t necessarily say my 4a has poor reception; maybe I just have a really good Pixel 1.
I’d be interested to hear if anyone else has compared their network performance to older Pixels.


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