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We would really appreciate it if you could check out our Sky Weatherman app and let us know what you think of it.

Sky Weatherman is more than just a weather forecasting app, by allowing you to find the perfect time before you do anything.

You can watch a quick explainer video here

The app is made up of 4 main areas:

-Activities – Activities are the group of Special Events that are suitable for each day’s weather conditions, allow you to plan each day better.

-Special Events – Special Events are a group of predefined weather events that you can choose from, to help you to find the perfect weather for anything. With a single tap, you can find all upcoming weather conditions that suit your chosen Special Event, like rainy weather, jogging weather, beach, picnic, stargazing, severe weather occurrences within the next week.

-Day Events – Day Events allows you to create, track and be notified with filtered weather forecasts for a specific location, day and time. This will save you hours of scrolling, and keeping up to date with the latest weather forecasts, for moments that matter to you.

-Notifications – Notifications are a list of weather reminders that have been set for all Day Events and Special Events that are being tracked by you. This will help you to keep track of weather changes and be notified before it rains, or a few hours before the weather conditions are suitable for a beautiful sunset, or even a few days before a severe storm take.

Check out

Google Play store Link :…atherman&hl=en

Google Play Store Link Pro :…

We also have a PRO version of the app that has just been released!

The PRO Version includes:

-Customize the weather conditions to meet your definition of each Special Event, so you can find your perfect time before you do anything

-Custom home screen widgets for your chosen Special Events, to track the weather conditions for the next occurrence of your event.

-An interactive Radar Map with different map styles and 4 weather overlays, to monitor the weather developments around the globe.

-Monitor the Air Quality for your location, and create notifications when the air quality changes.

-Astronomical weather information to keep track of the next new moon, together with your daily moonrise and moonset times.

-Maintain your custom notifications to your current location, so that wherever you are, your personal weatherman is by your side.

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