Smart switch wont back up or restore all data

Hi everyone, it’s my 1st post on here, might be a long post but please bear

I’ve used smart switch previously, even when switching from an iPhone to Samsung and it’s been successful, I even transferred all data from Samsung to Samsung after upgrading and its been fine.

Now I have a note 20 ultra which I dropped and the screen broke, so I purchased a new note 20 ultra and Iwant to transfer data like I’ve previously done

I connected both phones via type c to type c and used smart switch, out of the 109GB data only 9GB of data got transferred (random pictures, no apps)

I then tried backing up my old phone to smart swith for mac and it only backs up 12GB of data out on 109GB

Now the mac and smart switch is updated to the latest firmware, as well as both handsets and the smart switch app on both devices, can anyone help please? I’m at my wits end

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