SmartNews and other quirks…

I was wondering if anyone else here is using the SmartNews app and since moving to the ZF3, they are no longer getting any notifications? I have my settings all proper and have allowed them – and I even uninstalled and reinstalled the app, but I am no longer getting any notifications no matter what – not for breaking news and not for my regularly scheduled news notifications. The app otherwise runs fine, and I can read, etc.

The reason why I bring this up here is because I am experiencing some quirkiness with some apps and I’m not sure if it’s the norm or if my SmartSwitch transfer over had a hiccup or something. I am thinking of factory resetting and starting anew and doing everything manually like in the old days to see if it would fix some of these things. I hate to factory reset barely a week into owning this, but I have a slight suspicion that maybe some settings or something was transferred over from my Note20U that is giving me some problems. Also, Nova Launcher seems to now be a battery hog on my ZF3.

The SmartNews app is just something that is odd. I have contacted the publisher and they do not say anything is wrong, other than maybe my wifi is not working and I’m not getting news updates. But, the news in the app are updated – I’m just not getting any notifications like I am supposed to.

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