SMS Issue After Switch

Samsung Galaxy S20 & S20+ & S20 Ultra
This is another issue that likely isn’t specific to the S20 FE, but has arisen since I migrated from my Pixel 3 XL. I’m hoping someone has experienced something like this before. It’s a weird one.

Has anyone ever had an issue texting with just a single person or only some of your contacts? Not everyone on a particular carrier, which could be a carrier outage or issue, but a seemingly random glitch?

This isn’t software related, because no matter which messaging app I make default (Verizon Messages, Samsung, Google…and I even installed and ran Textra and Pulse) my content is the same.

I have a friend who, during switch of my phones, had his messages to me delayed by hours. It appears my outgoing messages were received in a timely fashion. He is on Veriozon as am I.

It seems now to not be working at all.

There was another friend, also on Verizon, who’s replies to me were delayed initially, but that issue seems resolved. Also, I receive timely replies from others on Verizon, TMO, all the 2-factor authentication codes I got setting up the new S20 FE, etc. Near as I can tell, it’s the one contact causing a problem (though I wouldn’t know if someone is sending texts I’m not receiving).

I’ve already reinstalled my preferred app, Verizon Messages+.

Has anyone had such a hit-and-miss experience with SMS messages and found a fix?


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