So after being hacked repeatedly. . .

So after being hacked repeatedly. . . 3 times over a period of 6 months. Ive lost confidence in secure my phone from any further attacks. So I figured Id just post my entire apk list. And see what you ladies and gents take on it is. . . Last time i pressed update on a software update and immedietly someone punched in my sim and phone pin without any input from me after the boot up. It "felt" as if they simply cloned my screen and just hijacked most of my accounts linked to samsung, google and hotmail. Password recovery battle ensued… I got a SM-G980F/DS… With no games and all accounts had 2-step verification via sms and/or authenticators.

And oh I could hear two or more people audibly cheer when I made a data back-up on Samsungs cloud storage, So I promptly removed said back-up and just went for my last option, wipe the phone in hopes they’d not done too much damage. Someone said s***, and I took that as a small victory blocked my credit cards etc and just bowed out from the internet… Sadly I’ve yet to recover my main gmail. Which was essentially crippled when they removed or changed the recovery e-mail. And me removing all the authenticators. It’s been alil more than a month and with my hotmail the only thing recovered. Let’s just say the times be not good.

Have fun speculating as to what they did. Below I’ve linked my entire sys app library as far as I know. Screenshot pasted to

Aside from the sys app I basically only had outlook, googles and microsofts authenticator and some bank apps chrome and samsung browser.. No games or 3rd party software ever installed as far as I know. Obviously that’s not the case, I hope.

Have a good one everyone. I’ll respond to any further questions you might have as they come up to the best of my ability.

EDIT: Forgot to add the link with the screenshot…

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