So, I had this conversation the other day…

… with someone who was trying to convince me that the Z Fold 3 (and all Foldables) are just Gimmicks and have no substance to them and they are just a way to get more money from consumers …

Of course, I listened and wasn’t convinced of his arguments that this thing will never "sell well" and we won’t see any more foldables in the future from anyone…

Wow, not sure which cool-aid this guy was drinking, but the facts tell me that this guy is reading the wrong reports on sales and desirability of these folding phones. LOL!

THEN, I took out my Fold 3, showed him how wrong he was and he was adamant about this stance for about 3 minutes and changed his tune.

At least this guy was able to admit when he was wrong, but there are others out there that are still touting that this folding thing is a fad and will go away. 🙁

Anyway, not much point to this post, just wanted to share. 😀

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