Software/Hardware glitch regarding Google phone app.

Hi guys, I had to come here and report an issue with my Samsung A50. The issue is that after installing the Google phone app, and opening it up, I discovered that in its settings the Samsung A50 phone app has integrated itself and has inserted it’s settings along with Google’s phone settings. Under the Calls settings in the Google phone app, all if Samsung’s phone app settings are integrated. Even down below at the about section it gives me Samsung’s phone app version 12… instead of Google’s phone version which is 66… Now I think that interference with 3rd party apps from the manufacturer have been done away with for some time. Samsung has returned my phone without any fix. I returned it again and they again are returning it without any repairs. This is manufacturer glitch, and anyone not noticing this should check it out. I want a refund. I see no repair as it’ll have to be a total redo of their software etc… Let me know what you think about this. Thanks so much.

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