[Solved]Chat Features pop up Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

Today, September 9, 2021, my Galaxy Note 10+ had a system software update, build number: N975U1UEU7FUH3. An issue has arose from what I assume is a direct effect from the update.

Some context – the built in Samsung messaging app has an option in "Messages -> Settings -> Chat settings". If you choose the Chat settings option, a box pop-up will prompt you to enable "chat features" which is also known as "Rich communication service" (RCV). I have never wanted to enable this service, so I have always chosen the "use without chat features" option.

In the past, that was the end of it. Now, after the update today, that same box will pop-up on an approximately 5-6 minute interval even when I am outside of the messaging app. It will happen when I am in any app for that matter. It will not stop even after I select the "use without chat features" option. This is getting to the point where it is making my phone unusable.

Things I have done:
1) Soft reset my phone
2) Wipe Cache Partition
3) Contacted Samsung Support
4) Contacted my Cell phone carrier
5) Disabled all notifications from the samsung messages app
6) Force stopped the samsung messaging app
7) Downloaded alternative texting app "Texta" and still can’t disable samsung messages

I cannot disable the messaging app so I have no where else to turn but seek out someone else’s help. Please help me solve this issue.

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