Some callers go straight to voice-mail. Only the 2 people i had set up to receive sos messages

I had turned on the feature to send sos messages to 2 contacts. The last time i accidentally sent them an sos message, i realized it was then sending them my location updates every half hr. I looked it up and realized it would keep doing that until i turned something off. So i did, but can no longer remember or find what i did to shut that off. Ever since, those 2 contacts get directed straight to my voice-mail when they try to call me from their number i used as sos contact. It doesn’t ring. It doesn’t do this for other contacts. It doesn’t do it to them if they call from their alternate numbers i have programmed under their contact info, just their mobile numbers. They can text me. I have verified they’re not blocked. I removed them as sos contacts and shut the sos feature off. Restarted my phone. Deleted them as contacts and re added. Their calls still go straight to my voice-mail. I would be so greatful if anyone could help me figure this out!

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