Some thumbnail photos not displayed correctly

Samsung Galaxy Note 9
This one is perplexing me. I transferred some photos from my Pentax K3 II DSLR to my laptop, and then copied them to both my LG V60 and my wife’s Samsung Note 9 phones. On my phone, everything shows up correctly in the thumbnails. On my wife’s phone, the thumbnails in the stock gallery show up almost like a film negative, with colors drastically shifted. When you tap on one to view full size, it displays the colors correctly. When viewing in the Google Photos app, the thumbnails are displaying the correct colors as well.

The kicker is this only happens with my K3 II DSLR photos, so I don’t think it’s an issue with her gallery app, but I can’t figure this one out. I have asked on the Pentax Forums, and they haven’t figured it out yet either, and one other member mentioned this same issue as well. Photos from other DSLR’s, downloaded photos, photos she takes with her phone, etc. all have the proper thumbnails. When I sent one of the unedited K3 II photos from my phone to her via Bluetooth, it also showed up as a negative. If I edit one and save as a new file, or transfer it through a service like Facebook Messenger or Drop Box (which compresses and doesn’t send the exact original file), the thumbnails are correct. You can see in this screenshot of her gallery the difference. The photo on the left is an original straight from the camera. The one on the right was one I edited and saved as a new file.


Any idea what’s going on?

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