Sony New Phones in 2020 Xperia

Sony Xperia X Performance
I have bought two of these phones, in 2020 both have been huge issues with mute button on screen during calls, when you are talking on phone half way through call, the person yo u are talking with you can’t hear you and hang up, this has happened many times, the problem is on the screen during call there is a option to mute call, and when the side of you face touches this it mutes call, during the call, I also found during the call you are suppose shrink call into a bubble onto screen during call to prevent this, I think it’s a very stupid idea and very annoying to do each call, why did sony introduce this to their latest phones? Also they never had this on previous phones they made, I also think many other people including myself where happy with Sony phone before they introduce this mute option on the phone. The mute option needs to be turned off for good or disabled.


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