SPYWARE? Unrecognized alerting notification that disappears every time i turn on phone

I have a A11, and lately I’ve noticed an unrecognized alert notification in the notifications bar every time I start, or restart my phone. Then once I open and unlock my phone, it quickly disappears. Just to get it out if the way no it is not the roaming icon. I tried that. Plus, this is a circle, black, with a lower case r inside of it. The font is not formal but more, bubble almost. . . Anyways, I’ve read through some forums and know enough about my phone to know that something is off.
This started happening a month or two ago. My battery is draining quickly, and I don’t use my phone during the day. I’ve shut off my background data usage for all apps. Also, I have experienced a lot of split screen incidences, as well as random, flashes of the screen going black then back on, quick ones… I’m thinking along the lines of spyware of some sorts, and it’s driving me crazy. I’ve read that the most effective thing to do is factory reset the phone. I’d rather figure this out and know one way or the other than proceed from there.
Anyone who is tech savvy and can give some advice is welcome. And appreciated.

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