Still having sound volume issues

I have a fairly new (I purchased new from Samsung Feb of this year). It does NOT make a difference how I’m using the volume of phone, whether it be a regular phone call, a blue tooth( they my 2017 Infinity QX60) or thru the speaker function on the phone. Sometimes I can’t hear without turning the volume all the way up. Sometimes I can’t turn it down enough to not hurt my ears. I do not understand this at all. I’ve checked all the settings and everything seems correct. One thing I do not find any longer is in call (ear) volume. I’m assuming it’s what I’ve been using which is the actual volume button while call is on going.
Regardless the random volume changes and levels changing sporadically on it’s own are ridiculous and annoying.
Just to be sure it’s clear this volume issue can and does happen with all tryouts of volume functions HEADSET (ACTUAL PHONE ITSELF), BLUETOOTH AND SPEAKER FUNCTION

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