strange (not just slow) charging

I have the Sunshine T1 tablet (aka Cloudmobile?) running Android 11. It works quite well considering what I pad for it 🙂 , even the battery life isn’t so bad. But the charging behavior drives me nuts. It isn’t just *slow*, but crazy nonlinear. I mean, it’s slow but steady from 0 to about 85%, and very quick from 90% to full, but that stretch between 85 and 90 takes *at least* an hour, probably more.

The system seems to consider 90% as close to full because there is an option to turn off the battery saver mode when it gets there. So I would like to reach at least that point before starting to drain it again.

Is this perhaps normal for some batteries? Or am I doing something wrong? I always put it in airplane mode when charging. I also tried different cables and charging locations, neither makes a difference.

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