Strange Thing happening on my S10 screen

Samsung Galaxy S10 & S10+
My S10 screen started showing a numerical header at the top of the screen. I discovered that the header is giving me numerical readout of the touch screen sensor as I move my finger around the screen. When I press the screen I get a spot displayed by dissecting straight lines – one vertical, one horizontal. It then starts leaving a red-line as I move my finger around the screen. The table at the top displays changes to the vertical and horizontal lines as I move my finger (X & Y vector) and another set of numbers are titled Xv & Yv.

Really strange but other than the above problem, The phone seems to be working just fine. I would reset the phone to factory settings – but it does not seem that this is a problem that resetting would solve.

You can see what I described above in the screen shot below. Your can see the header at the top and the dissecting lines and the red tracing lines showing where my finger has been.

I’m guessing at what the header is displaying but my guess, starting from the left, is as follows:

– Page number
– four blocks for two different reading of X and Y axes.
– one block is labeled "Prs" which always reads 1.0
– the last header which displays size – always reads 0.04 or 0.03


Has anyone seen this before? I how its not a preview of a hardware failure.


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