Strange USB File Transfer Problem

Google Nexus 7 Tablet (2013)
I’m trying to copy files on my Nexus 7 (2013) to my PC prior to doing a factory reset on my Nexus 7. When I plug the Nexus 7 into my Windows 10 machine and I select Use USB for File Transfer (MTP) for the USB function, I can see my Nexus 7 on my Win10 computer. However, if I go into the Internal Storage and click on folders and look for files, i.e. I keep getting the message, "This Folder is Empty". The thing is, I know the folders are not empty.

If I use the file manager app that is installed on my Nexus 7 I can see all the files on my device. Pictures, documents, music files, etc. If I go back to my Win10 machine and look at these same folders, I get the message, "This Folder is Empty."

As if that isn’t weird enough, if I copy a file from my Win10 machine to, say, my Pictures folder, I can then see that filename is on my Nexus 7 using either my Win10 File Manager or the File Manager installed on my Nexus 7.

I did some Googling and the most common response to USB file transfer problems is to make sure you have the proper MTP driver installed on your PC so it can read the Nexus 7 file structure. I’ve double checked that and I do have the correct MTP driver. Anyway, the fact that I can transfer files from my PC to my Nexus 7 and see them pretty much confirms I’m using the correct driver.

In summary, when my Nexus 7 is connected to my PC I can’t see any files using my PC’s File Manager, but I can see them using my device’s file manager app. I can freely transfer files to/from the Nexus 7/PC and I can see these newly transferred files using my PC File Manager. But I can’t see any files on my device using my PC to look for them.

What in the world is going on? How do I fix it so I can download files from my device to my PC?


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