Strongly considering leaving Verizon for Google Fi

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Since Verizon only cares about new customers and not about loyalty, and shafting us on new phone offers, I am strongly considering going to Google Fi, which is actually going to be a step above a lateral move if I am understanding things correctly.

First, from what I read, tell me if this is right or wrong: Google Fi is basically a Frankenstein network (in a positive way) in that no matter where you are, using a Fi-ready phone will allow you to access the best signal, whether in that case it is Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, or whatever, and it’ll constantly update to get that best signal.

Also, what are the true differences between pay by the GB and unlimited plans, aside from the obvious. Just the cloud storage?

And am Imagining things or did they reprice the plans this week? I feel like unlimited dropped from $150 to $120, and the pay by the GB plan also dropped while upping the GB cap before ensuing GBs are free from 10GB to 12GB.

Finally, we may initially do Google Pixel 2/2XL transfers over before getting a new phone. They are Fi-ready per the website and it gives us a start. Anyway, does Google Fi run Black Friday deals or no? Don’t want to get a phone now, then a deal run, and no chance of a 30-day match, know what I mean?

Thanks for your help!


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