Stuck in bootloop. Please help!!!!!

Hi everyone! I really appreciate it if you can help! I connected my ZTE AXON Pro phone to the computer and deleted some folders and files in my phone through Android File Transfer, and the phone worked normally after I deleted the files. But the next day when I turned it on, it was stuck at the "AXON" logo screen. I went to two local repair shops. One could do nothing about it and suggested me to contact a data recovery company since I need the data in my phone. The other shop thought my phone was fairly old (I started to use it in 2017) and they suspected that the battery had gone bad and wasn’t supplying enough voltage for a full boot cycle. They ordered a new battery and tried floating it plugged in, but the phone still wouldn’t boot. They said the motherboard was also getting very hot approximately where the power supply chip would be. They tried to charge the new battery but nothing brought the phone to life, so they diagnosed it as a power supply chip failure. They couldn’t fix it. After that I put the phone in recovery mode and wiped cache partition, but it still wouldn’t fully boot up and it’s stuck in bootloop: Now when I turn it on it’s stuck at the "AXON" logo screen for a few minutes and then "Android is starting…Optimizing app 1 of 3.""Android is starting Optimizing app 2 of 3.""Android is starting Optimizing app 3 of 3." show up, and then "Android is starting apps." shows up. Then it restarts and stucks at the "AXON" logo screen, and repeats the loop over and over again until the battery is completely drained.

I really don’t know whether the problem was caused by the assumed power supply chip failure or by me deleting the folders (the phone has never been rooted). My phone used to overheat easily and the battery drained faster and faster, but the bootloop just happened when I turned on the phone the first time after I deleted the folders. Is it just coincidence if it’s the power supply chip problem? So I’m really confused about this: Can deleting folders and files in a phone which has never been rooted, through Android File Transfer, cause bootloop? I googled and found some people say deleting folders and files in unrooted phones doesn’t cause system malfunction, and that if some files related to the apps are deleted, they will be recreated automatically if needed, and that system files can’t be accessed by you if the phone is not rooted. But I also found some say deleting things can cause corrupted apps which cause bootloop.

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